DroboPro FS Can Backup Up To 16TB Of Your Juicy Data

Data Robotics has just introduced its DroboPro FS which features the same 3U form factor as the DroboPro. Improvements in this model come in the form of a processor speed bump from 800MHz to 1GHz. A total of eight bays are offered, along with a pair of Ethernet jacks at the back. The Drobo Sync feature is included in this product which allows users to easily set up offsite backups that can be scheduled as often as every hour or as infrequently as once a day. The downside is that you’ll need a pair of DroboPro FS devices, one at each location, in order to have the offsite backup set up. Data Robotics is currently offering the empty base unit for $1,999, while the 8TB (2TB x 4) model will set you back $2,699. If you’re feeling flush, you could also go for the 16TB (2TB x 8) model which will set you back $3,299. There is also a two-device bundle of 8TB units that will set you back $6,399 if you want to easily set up the offsite backup. The DroboPro FS is already available for purchase, so get your checkbooks ready.

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