Dymo spruces up classroom with MimioClassroom teaching aids

Being a teacher is no mean task, and with the number of hyperactive students these days, controlling a classroom could prove to be a rather tricky situation. Of course, their lack of attention span is another issue to look into, but good thing you can at least balance things out a little bit in your favor with the right teaching aids. Dymo intends to lend a helping hand with its MimioClassroom range of hi-tech gadgetry that intends to help you take education to the next level. Comprising of half a dozen pieces of tech known as the MimioTeach, MimioVote, MimioCapture, MimioView and MimioPad, we will look at them in greater detail in the extended post.

First off, the MimioTeach will transform a plain whiteboard into an interactive display, where you will need to hook up your computer to a projector in order for you to access just about everything on the whiteboard right on the computer display itself.

Up next is the MimioVote, where it allows students to answer questions straight from the palms of their hands. It also empowers teachers to quickly grade and access progress over time after tests. Individual units will store students’ data which can be downloaded for future improvement plans or awards.

With the MimioView, you are able to capture pictures of objects on the spot with its gooseneck camera arms, creating lessons and presentations on the spot within minutes. Bear in mind this is not meant for last-minute preparations, but more of an on-the-spot improvisation for creative teachers.

Last but not least, the MimioPad wireless tablet that will work with your whiteboard, allowing you to write notes and important items for your students while moving around the classroom and mixing around with your herd…er, students.

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