Future Sonics New Atrio Professional Earbuds To Prevent Hearing Loss

Many parents out there worry that kids are hurting their ears by listening to music at a volume that’s way too loud. Now Future Sonics, a maker of professional earbuds for on-stage recording and personal use, has come up with the Atrio Special Edition (ASE) earbud line. These earbuds use proprietary drivers to reproduce low frequencies (<150Hz) with more clarity, reducing the need to increase the volume to hear the music or drown out background noise. This is achievable thanks to the new MG7 transducer and Ambient Noise Rejection (ANR) to increase clarity, offering an 18Hz-20,000Hz response and a sensitivity level of 112dB@30Hz. The earbuds are available in a limited-edition chocolate color and eco-friendly packaging such as a case made from reclaimed rubber. The ASE professional earphones will set you back $229 and is exclusively available at Airport Wireless stores.

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