Germ Genie Promises to Keep Your Keyboard Clean


Germ Genie is a UV light that sits on top of your keyboard via a stand that promises to zap away bacteria and germs to keep your keyboard clean. The device will turn off the UV light once the motion sensor has been activated so that the light only is on when the keyboard is not in use, making it safer for the typist’s skin. How effective is Germ Genie? Well, the company says that the contraption kills off 99% of all germs across most of the keyboard in just 2 minutes and over the entire keyboard if it stays on for ten minutes.

For those questioning Germ Genie, it is said that keyboards contain 5 times the amount of bacteria as toilet seats. Now, before you rise from your own seat to pick one of these devices, just know the privilege for clean keyboards will cost you about $222 from Falcon Innovations.

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