Google's Chrome Web Store Delayed Until December

Although Google just recently released its latest Chrome browser a little over a week ago, the company has missed several self-set dates to get its web apps store online. The latest date, which Google is telling developers, is that the public beta of the Chrome App Store will be live on December 6th, though given prior delays developers aren’t feeling too confident about that date.

Apps created for Google’s Chrome Store should work on most major browsers, though the experience will be optimized for the Chrome browser, of which Google is trying to build market share for. The Chrome Store stands in a unique position as it is not a tightly curated store, like Apple’s App Store for its smartphone, and if Google plays its cards right, the store could help draw developers in creating content for Google’s other offerings–mainly Android and its new Google TV platform.

It’s still yet to be seen whether consumers will welcome another app store on the Web and be convinced to purchas an app for a few bucks. However, Google is investing money and resources into its efforts, which is a good sign, to convince developers to submit apps for the store. According to AllThingsD, the company has offered up technical assistance as well as financial assistance to small developers, with at least one developer having already cashed a $15,000 check.

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