Habey ENT 6564 nettop would look pretty in any living room

Fancy getting a nettop in your home? Well, there are tons to choose from, and certainly most of you out there would probably settle for a more established brand such as Acer. Habey? Who would’ve heard of them before? Certainly not us, but take a look at the Habey ENT-6564 nettop’s specifications and we might just warm up to it. This living room-friendly machine will feature a MITX-6564 mini-ITX board from Habey itself, boasting an Intel Atom D510 dual core processor, next-generation NVIDIA ION graphics, where the board itself measures no more than an inch in height which would provide for an extremely slim form factor which should make it be a fixture in most living rooms without a problem. For $329.99 a pop, it comes with 2GB RAM, a 250GB hard drive, and Wi-Fi connectivity. No idea on whether it will come bundled with an operating system or not though.

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