Hulu might just zap Hulu Plus price

Hulu is currently considering to slash its Hulu Plus pricing – and we’re talking about a 50% savings here since the $9.95 monthly fee will most probably result in just a $4.95 price point. Originally, Hulu Plus was supposed to be the video site’s strategy in order to generate a secondary revenue stream to accompany their free, ad-supported site which rolled out a couple of years earlier. The whole idea of paying more is simple – for one to access to a deeper catalog of TV shows and movies compared to the free service instead of just removing pesky ads, but it also means one is able to watch Hulu on various devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console as well as Internet-connected TVs from Samsung and Sony. A price cut might just indicate that consumers haven’t really flocked to it as Hulu thought they would, considering Netflix’s $8.99 monthly fee that includes delivery of shows on DVD. Who knows? This might just be a game changer for Hulu, eh?

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