John's Phone: Back To The Past

Are mobile phones getting a little too high-tech for you? Perhaps you yearn for the good old days where you didn’t know what “Twitter” and “Foursquare” meant. If that’s the case, perhaps you’re looking for John’s Phone (yes, that’s what it’s called). The phone only features a tiny display that is capable of a single line, it doesn’t have a camera, a built-in clock, or even support text messaging. You can assign speed dials, or manually dial a phone number, but that’s pretty much it. What it lacks in terms of technology, it does offer in paper, since it includes traditional pen and paper, so you’ll be able to jot down phone numbers and your grocery list. In case you’re wondering, this phone isn’t just a concept; it’s up for order at EUR69.95 ($97). So the next time kids ask you to buy them a phone, you could always pick this up to play an (expensive) joke on them.

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