Macys Magic Fitting Room to kick off this November

Shopping for clothes will literally take on a whole new dimension from November onwards if you happen to drop by Macy’s at New York’s Herald Square flagship store. What’s so different in there that is worth talkinga bout? Well, we’re looking at Macy’s new Magic Fitting Room which comprises of a 72-inch mirror display which allows you to superimpose clothing on your reflection. The mirror itself boasts multitouch capability, allowing you to pick out items such as tops, dresses, bottoms, and coats. Once you have made a choice, the item will cover your reflection as though you were wearing it. What happens when you select a pair of swimming trunks, will the augmented reality (AR) software turn you near naked? Of course, this still doesn’t solve the mystery of whether your skin is sensitive to the fabric or not, something AR technology cannot achieve just yet.

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