Moogle Inspection Robot looks nothing like it

Daiwa House intends to start putting up their new inspection robot on sale from next year onwards, where it was specially designed to inspect and crawl into spaces as tight as 15cm in height. Developed with the Chiba Institute of Technology, it will feature an external chassis that was designed by ROBO-GARAGE. Most Japanese houses are raised up by around 50cm for ventilation purposes, and inspectors are able to remotely control the robot to see from its point of view through a tiny monitor, making the job easier and less dirty. A Wi-Fi connection will relay what it “sees” to the controller, while LED lighting helps illuminate its way around. Capable of working for an hour on NiMH batteries, this isn’t the most convenient colleague to have since you will have to interrupt your work every hour to get it juiced up. You can rent it monthly for $500, or pay 25 grand outright to own one.

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