New Bios replacement could offer superior start up times

How long does it take for your computer to boot up from the get go? Well, even the fastest machine isn’t able to do so in seconds, but a new Bios replacement could change all that. We’re talking about UEFI which will more or less make its way to new computers from next year onwards. What does UEFI stand for? We’re looking at Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, where it was specially designed to be more flexible than its venerable predecessor. UEFI aims to free any computer from being based around the Bios blueprint and specifications of the original machine, and hence will not specify that a certain keyboard will only connect via a specific port. Instead, UEFI will make it easier for that input to come a soft keyboard, gestures on a touchscreen or any future input device. That would mean a boot up time of a few seconds, which will certainly be a marked improvement from the current half minute mark before the first bit of OS sign-on. To the future!

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