NVIDIA Site Accidentally Confirms GeForce 580 Graphics Card

Whispers of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 580 have been going around for some time now and a slip-up by the company itself highlights the existence of such a card.The little blip resulted in the GeForce GTX 580 being included on the list of graphics cards that supports the company’s 3D Vision technology, even though the card hasn’t been officially announced just yet. The listing has (obviously) been removed, but that was after folks managed to take screenshots of the whole deal. The 580 is rumored to sport 512 CUDA cores, 2GB of DDR5 memory and 128 texture units. It will be based on the 40nm GF110 GPU and will probably be quite power hungry. The GTX 580 should give the Radeon HD 6900 a good run for its money and will make for an interesting end to 2010 in the graphics card battle.

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