OnStar offers Chevy Volt owners with a more connected customer experience

Chevrolet Volt owners who want to experience a new way to enjoy their electric vehicle can always check out the MyVolt.com website that lets one remotely access operational information that is specific to their vehicle, not to mention being able to control a range of functions of their car. This will be made available later this month for select smartphones, according to OnStar President Chris Preuss. Taking advantage of OnStar’s real-time data connection in order to enhance the overall Volt ownership experience, you can always check out how much juice your vehicle battery has left, alongside setting the charge time and unlocking the doors. Apart from that, you will also be able to know whether the Volt is plugged in or not and at the voltage of choice, as well as essential information including miles per gallon, electric only miles, odometer readings and miles driven for last trip right from the palm of your hand. Hmm, even vehicles are getting more and more advanced that soon a commercial version of a cellphone-driven car ala James Bond might just be made possible. [Press Release]

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