PASSPORT iQ help you arrive at your destination sans tickets

Don’t you find it ironic that after spending the better part of your working life, slaving away to earn enough money in order to purcahse your dream sports car, that taking it out for an unreserved spin on the freeways will most probably result in you getting a ticket for speeding? Well, with the all-new patented PASSPORT iQ, that might be a thing of the past since it is the world’s first and only driving accessory which comes with an integrated radar/laser detection as well as GPS navigation, helping deliver relevant and important driving information, including speed traps and speed limit data without taking up too much dashboard space. Features include a 5-inch color touchscreen display, speed limit information, over-speed alerts, 3D maps, and hands-free calling support. It will retail for $649.95 a pop – not exactly the cheapest navigation system around, but if it helps you save money on the tickets in the long run, it could very well pay for itself after a few daredevil speed spins. [Press Release]

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