Romet Motors unveil 4E prototype

Romet Motors of Poland has started to market their neighborhood electric vehicle known as the 4E, although it is still in the prototype form factor due to its stature and capacity. Coming with a couple of seats and an almost non-existent boot space, you won’t be bringing this puppy golfing, that’s for sure. It will focus on the tasks of driving around the city or town, and ferrying a passenger within close distance without too much fanfare. The Romet 4E will come with a capacity of 10 kWh alongside a combined motor rating of 4 kW, hitting a top speed of 28 mph while exhausting itself after approximately 60 miles or so. It should probably sell for less than $10,000 should it ever hit the mass market. Sounds pretty decent, but the color and form factor is something we would want to have a say in. Don’t you think it looks dented before it is even driven on the road?

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