Samsung Now Producing 20nm class, 64 gigabit 3 bit NAND Flash Memory

Samsung has announced the industry’s first production of a 3-bit-cell, 64Gb (gigabit) NAND flash using the 20nm process technology. This advancement offers chips that can be used in high-density flash solutions, such as USB flash drives and SD memory cards. The availability of storage as high as 8GB (gigabytes) in a single chip will likely trigger widespread acceptance of Toggle DDR-based high-performance flash in flash drives and SD cards, not to mention smart phones and SSDs, replacing previous 4GB devices in the market. Samsung’s 20nm class, 64Gb 3-bit NAND has a 60 percent higher productivity level than the 30nm class, 32Gb 3-bit NAND. Improved performance also comes by applying Toggle DDR 1.0 specifications, compared to SDR based 30nm class NAND chips.

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