smk egg shaped air mouse 01

[CEATEC 2010] Presented by some media as a TV remote, SMK’s egg is in fact a simple air-mouse that is comparable to current products offered by Logitech of Gyration – at least in function. This is not a product, and for the CEATEC show, SMK thought that it would be nice to have something that fits comfortably in the hand if they were to do demos all day long. The egg uses a radio signal (2.4GHz) to transmit data to the associated computer, and from what I can tell, the latency is fairly decent. The accuracy is not top notch, but most such products do have that issue. Anyway, we wanted to dispel the myth that this was a TV remote – it’s not. Plus, the egg shape is just over-the-top. SMK has told us that if there was a demand, they would consider making it into a product. If you’re a fan, start making some noise now.

smk egg shaped air mouse 02

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