T Mobile Brings Mobile Broadband for Prepaid Users

Prepaid users will be happy to know that T-Mobile USA will be bundling data options to some of its more popular prepaid offerings for those who do not want to sign a lengthy contract or may not need data access every month. There are several plans for prepaid data that users can choose from, ranging from a paltry 100 MB to a full 2 GB–which, by the way, is the same cap that you’ll be forced into under AT&T’s new data plan for postpaid customers anyways.

The plans are as follow:

  • $50/month plan: Unlimited calling and messaging with 100 MB data
  • $30/month plan: Either 1,500 minutes OR text messages and 30 MB data
  • $70/month plan: Unlimited calling and messaging with 2 GB data
  • $1.49 daily pass: Unspecified allocation of Internet data per day

In addition to regular data on a smartphone, T-Mobile USA will also add data to prepaid owners of data-only devices, such as USB modems. The plans for USB modem connections are as follow:

  • $10/week: 100 MB data weekly
  • $30/month: 300 MB data monthly
  • $50/month: 1 GB data monthly

Users who need mobile broadband access on their laptops can opt for the T-Mobile Jet 3G modem from the carrier.

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