Teague 20/20 headphones offer something totally new

Teague’s 20/20 headphones are something different, even if you have long been a headphones purveyor. After all, it sports one of the zaniest industrial designs to date, skipping the use of adjusting mechanisms in order to adapt to different head shapes and sizes via tensegrity. Wait a minute, you say, what the heck is tensegrity exactly? Well, it is a term coined by Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller to define a structure type which relies on flexible and rigid elements in order to balance tension and compression forces. Teague’s designer Dana Krieger mentions the following, “The 20/20 concept explores the serendipitous match between Buckminster’s tensegrity structure (observed and filed away several years ago in a peculiar children’s toy) and the unique structural requirements of headphone adjustment mechanism. The semi-rigidity and organic flexibility of the architectural structure are a challenge for many possible applications, but perfect for the problem of accommodating the wide range of ear and head shapes that make up the human population.” This is but a concept at the moment, so we’re hoping to see it hit the market in due time.

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