Treat Your Friends To Starbucks Coffee Via Facebook

If you can’t find the time to catch up with a friend to buy them a cup of coffee, take note that Starbucks has updated its Starbucks Card Facebook application to offer US and Canadian users the option of loading between $5 and $500 to a friend’s registered Starbucks Card. The “Give a Gift” app takes users through a six-step process where they’re able to select a friend, specify an amount, choose a theme, pen a personal note, pay for the gift, and share the deed via a status update with the rest of their Facebook friends. The idea came from Starbucks’ community site, My Starbucks Idea which was first suggested back in 2008 and has since attracted 42,000 votes. It’s a good idea that will allow us to easily share coffee with friends (though not face to face), and at the same time encourages folks to patronize Starbucks more often.

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