World Series: Technology Helps Giants to World Series

During the season games that led to the San Francisco Giants’ enviable position in the World Series, the team may have relied on playing smarter rather than harder. Of course, being owned by some of technology’s finest in Silicon Valley didn’t hurt either. In its battle of brains over brawns, the Giants team has increasingly relied on technology to refine skills and attract more fans. The team uses motion-sensing suits to help evaluate throwing, hitting, and pitching skills. The new pitching machine also helps its batters overcome blindspots, according to BusinessWeek, by shooting out balls of various colors in different directions. In a post-Barry Bonds’ home run era, the Giants have learned to combine their raw talent with technology to hopefully score a big win.

In terms of attracting an audience and getting die-hard San Francisco residents out to the games, the franchise is the first to use software to set ticket price based on supply and demand, which has been similarly employed by hotels and airlines.

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