In an interview with All Things Digital, Acer head Gianfranco Lanci says that he has postponed an Android tablet in favor of Honeycomb to favor a better tablet user experience. “We took the decision to wait for Honeycomb when it is available….Now you can have Gingerbread on a tablet, but we are not convinced it is the right solution,” Lanci says. In terms of the smartphone space, Acer is looking to release more smartphones running both Windows Phone 7 and the Android operating system to the market. He says that Windows Phone 7 is offering a similar value and experience compared to Android, which is a plus. The company is also looking at MeeGo for the second half of 2011 and a Chrome OS netbook when available. In terms of 3D technologies, Acer is looking to take the 3D experience to the phone and tablet as well.

I think we are going to do the same on phone, even on tablets. If you think about gaming, 3-D gaming has becoming quite popular. If you think about a 3-D tablet, you can play games. We are working on 3-D on a lot of things.

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