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I have compared 2 headphones released last summer over a period of 2 months:

  • The TMA-1 made by the Danish company AIAIAI based in Copenhagen. (released in August 2010)
  • The Crossfade Lp made by the Hollywood CA based company, V-Moda (released in June 2010)

Both have been developed in collaboration with world-renowned dj’s and music producers. Both have been designed with sound quality, comfort and durability in mind, and I found different results in these different areas.

TMA 1 Crossfade Lp

AIAIAI TMA-1 (left) and V-Moda Crossfade Lp (right)


Before you read this review let me provide some context. I used them for a period of two months in two different settings:

  • As a dj, from the preparation of my music to my live dj sets in different venues in Europe and in the US.
  • For personal usage at home or while I travel to listen to music on my iPhone or on my computer.

Up until now, I always used the Pioneer HDJ-1000 Stereo headphones. I used 2 pairs over 5 years.


Both headphones are very stylish, but it really depends on what you like: these headphones have two different styles, one is minimalist, the other is futuristic.

TMA 1 01
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Crossfade Lp 01
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V-Moda Crossfade Lp


V-Moda Crossfade Lp



I always loved the minimalist design and black is my favorite color. 

These headphones made by AIAIAI (designer:) have the perfect design for me. They are made of a light weight nylon material.

For once, I don't feel like a billboard while I spin: the brand name is on the inside of the headband, in black, unlike most other headphones which display the logo in flashy color on the outside.



If futuristic design is your thing, you will like these headphones

They are constructed from a mix of plastic, leather and metal.

V-Moda offers a large choice of 5 colors: White Pearl, Phantom chrome, Gunmetal Black, Nero and Rouge.

The brand name is placed on the outside of the headband but blends with the design very well.



V-Moda Crossfade Lp


My first feeling was "wow, it's like getting my home Bose home sound system plugged in my ears". The sound is amazing, very pure.  The highs and mids are warm and never tinny, and as for the bass it is perceptible and not too loud.  I don't need to listen to my music too loud when I'm djing.



I received these headphones after the Tma-1. So, I was a bit disappointed

when I compared them. The highs and mids are well balanced and clear.  The lows are deep and rich.  The bass could certainly threaten the sound quality due to it's overwhelming sound.  Overall, I feel like the TMA-1 by AIAIAI have a much better balance of sound and quality


The combination of both would be the perfect comfort

TMA 1 02


Crossfade Lp 02
V-Moda Crossfade Lp


V-Moda Crossfade Lp


These headphones were delivered with two sets of ear pads (pre-production unit, the final product has only one) one set for djing, which reduces the outside noise and the other set for lighter uses.

I only used the most isolating ear pads mainly for the comfort and because I didn't want to misplace them if I used the other set.

The comfort of these headphones is mostly due to their light weight, pleasant nylon material and flexibility. Great for positioning on the head during a dj set.

I would have loved to have oval ear pads to cup and mold better to my ears as in the Crossfade Lp


The comfort of these headphones is mainly due to their capability to insolate the music from the outside noise, the pleasant material used for the ear pads, their flexibility and the way the ear pads cup and mold perfectly to my ears.

I would have loved to have a lighter material because after a few hours, the pressure hurts my ears a bit (same problem I had with the Pioneer HDJ-1000 Stereo).

 When I put the headphones around my neck they are a bit bulky.


Replaceable Parts – TMA-1

According to AIAIAI, the TMA-1's durability has been increased by having most of the parts easily replaceable for reasonable prices – in addition to the removable ear pads, see in the picture below another part of the earpiece that can be replaced.

Travel case

. V-Moda Crossfade Lp" src="" border="0" />

Crossfade Lp 04


V-Moda Crossfade Lp


I travel a lot and I always take care of my headphones and protect them in my luggage. When I saw the cloth bag for the first time, I was a bit scared. Fortunately, even if it's not the best case, these headphones don’t need to be protected too much thanks to their resilient material.

The zipper is a good idea, it keeps the lose cables and ear pads tucked away.


In contrast, I was very impressed when I saw the case made for Crossfade Lp, looking like a beautiful resistant black and red shell. It’s a good way for dj’s to protect their headphones. However it’s too bulky for someone using it only for his iPod or iPhone.

The two pieces of crossed elastic in the case are a good touch.  They hold the cables and 1/4 adapter.


Both have detachable cables that can be easily plug to the headphones.

TMA 1 04

Crossfade Lp 06


V-Moda Crossfade Lp


Two different detachable cables:  one is curly, and the other one is straight.

Both are 1/8 inch and the headphones come with a 1/4 inch adapter.


Two different detachable cables and a 1/4 adapter. One classic cable and one cloth-covered cable including an iPod  / iPhone remote and an inline microphone

Type of use

Two different uses


V-Moda Crossfade Lp

 Headphones for djing

 Headphones for listening to music at home or in transportation



V-Moda Crossfade Lp

Very good price for DJ headphones


Priced at $249.99 for several months (too high)

V-Moda recently lowered it at $199 for the Holiday season, we are not sure if it will stay that way


More information about the TMA-1 and the design process inour article.



V-Moda Crossfade Lp:

You can read the review by Gizmodo, comparing the TMA-1 to the Sennheiser HD-25 SP

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