Android Market Overhaul to Help Developers Promote Apps

Google has just published new guidelines for app descriptions and images within Android Market as part of an overhaul that is slated to go out on Thursday. Whether this will be the date that Android 2.3, also known as Gingerbread, will get rolled out as well is unclear, but the new Android Market guidelines should help developers better promote and position their apps with larger graphics, videos, and icons. According to the published guidelines, an icon of 512w x 512h is now required. Additionally, a featured graphics of resolution 1024w x 500h could also be downsized as well. Perhaps this could lead to apps that will be targeted in the near future at the tablet market. And now developers will also have the option to demo how their apps work by entering a YouTube URL. Would knowing more about the app and seeing it demoed in action before buying it help you make a decision and spur your impulsive buying spree on Android Market? If it does, perhaps Google can attract more high quality apps to its growing catalog, including high-end game titles and franchises.

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