Android Robot Running Android OS

We’ve seen Google’s Android OS being installed on tablets, cell phones, TVs and many other devices, but what about robots? An Android robot is being showcased, touted as the world’s first life-sized robot that runs on Android, though it’s strange to call the Android mascot “life-sized”. The robot is about four feet tall and can walk on its two legs, not to mention moving its hands and head with fifteen degrees of freedom. Upon opening the round head, you’ll see the onboard controller and the brain of the robot is an Armadillo 500FX chipset, installed with the Android OS. An operator will be able to remotely control the robot by sending signals over Wi-Fi from any Android-powered device such as a cell phone or PDA. The 14kg robot is stable enough to support a range of peripherals that includes lights, sounds, music, sensors, actuators and more. You can check out a video of this robot in action after the jump.

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