Android YouTube Remote App Controls YouTube Leanback Playback

YouTube Remote is an Android app that’s available in Android Market that helps to control your YouTube Leanback experience (on your television or your PC). Essentially, how the YouTube remote controller app works after you download it from Android Market is that you need to “pair” the remote with your PC. This pairing is done virtually–no need for Bluetooth nor be on the same WiFi network. All you have to do is log into your YouTube account from your YouTube Remote app and log into the same account on YouTube Leanback on the PC or TV. You can sit back on the couch and peruse and browse the videos that you want to watch on your Android YouTube Remote app and queue them up to play on your TV for a larger screen experience just by tapping. The app is still in beta and is said to contain “new and experimental features that are not in the official YouTube Android app.” The app is a great companion for Google TV owners who may have started watching a video on their phone but would maybe want to continue the video watching experience on their TV mid-way through.

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