Apricorn Unveils Mac Pro SSD RAID Array

Apricorn has introduced its SSD-based Mac Array, a turnkey virtual memory expansion that that uses a single PCI-E x4 slot and a total of 512GB worth of SATA SSD storage to outperform traditional 7200rpm SATA disk drives, giving performance increases for video and graphic rendering times. The array can be easily installed and is preconfigured for Mac and RAID0 (striping) and includes a custom SATA PCI-E host card on board. The device uses four 128GB Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue drives. When two or more Mac Arrays were used, speed improvements were tracked at 18 times for read and 13.5 times for write over disk-based drives. The Mac Array is obviously aimed at video and graphics professionals and boasts an 80 percent reduction in HD video rendering when usedwith Final Cut Pro. The Mac Array requires OS X 10.5 or 10.6 and works well with all high-end professional software. The array with its 512GB capacity will set you back a good $1500.

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