Concept Electronic Sunglasses Track And Block Out The Sun

Sunglasses are a simple way to make yourself look cool, but it’s also used to keep the glare out of your eyes. Now a designer out there has come up with the Electronic Sunglasses concept, a pair of sunglasses that doesn’t darken most of the lens, rather it will follow bright light sources and block it in a targeted manner. This is done by putting an LCD display in front of your eyes that has the ability to detect and block the brightest lights in your field of vision, darkening the pixels in that area, reducing the light coming through the lens, a process that happens fast enough that you don’t have to worry about lag. The electronics are stored within the frames and the designer is working to fit rechargeable batteries into it too. If you think it’s a cool idea, the designer is busy trying to turn it into a reality and is looking to get some funding, in case you’re feeling generous today.

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