Elecom offers solution for exhausted smartphones

Smartphones of today might come with a cornucopia of features which is always good for consumers, but one of the major drawbacks would be their much shorter battery life compared to handsets of yore. After all, do you remember your old school Nokias that could last for a few days on end even with plenty of text messaging and calls in between? Well, usher in all sorts of wireless radios, color displays, video and music playback, GPS navigation capability and see battery life dwindle to just a few hours, requiring a recharge at the end of each working day. Elecom feels your pain, coming up with a pocket battery that was specially designed to recharge your smartphone. Inside, it carries a 1600mAh battery that will feature special tips for phones from various manufacturers including Apple, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. We do hope to see this hit the US market as well.

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