Kuwait Government Bans The Use Of DSLR Cameras On Streets And In Malls

There are days when government action just baffles the average Joe. Word is out that three ministries in Kuwait have banned the public use of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras on the streets and in the malls for anyone who isn’t a journalist. We’re talking about the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. Smaller digital cameras and camera phones are exempt, though you can bet that it’s still going to be a pain for many owners of DSLR cameras over there, since they can’t be used in public anymore. There’s no mention as to why the government took such drastic action. That being said, the silver lining is that perhaps companies that sell Micro Four Thirds cameras, such as the Olympus PEN series, will benefit from such a move, since they probably don’t fall into the DSLR category.

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