KWID watch tells time via hourglass

The concept of “time” can be lost upon little ones whose minds have yet to develop fully, so how do you get started on their training? Well, there’s this thing called the KWID, a unique timepiece which comes with a digital hourglass (less stuff for them to break) that delivers a more visual and easily understandable representation on just how long a defined time period is. Basically, when you let them know that they have to turn off the Nintendo in five minutes’ time, they can see just how quickly the minutes will vanish, obeying you before you bring out the rod. Of course, once your little ones have grown up, the KWID watch need not be discarded since it comes with a traditional clock face which show off the time displayed. A range of playful animations help make learning more enjoyable, so you might want to consider forking out around $37 for this rather educational timepiece. Hopefully it lasts the rigors of an active child’s life!

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