Microsoft Only Moves 40K Windows Phone 7 Devices at U.S. launch

Despite strong pre-orders and early sell outs, Microsoft may have only sold a paltry 40,000 units of Windows Phone 7 devices from manufactures such as HTC, Samsung, Dell, and LG at launch on November 8th in the U.S. The number doesn’t include the 89,000 Windows Phone units that Microsoft is giving to its employees, but does pale in comparison to the iPhone, with daily sales rate of about 270,000 units, and Android, which moves 200,000 devices, according to The Street, which is naming “a market research source who tracks phone sales” for evidence behind its report. That said, Windows Phone 7 is still a new operating system and will need time to grow, mature, and capture consumer interest–the HTC T-Mobile G1, an Android phone, was not a huge seller at T-Mobile and Android sales didn’t pick up until Verizon Wireless launched its massive Droid marketing blitz. Microsoft still has time to woo consumers; the company has received a number of positive reviews for its mobile OS efforts and has launched a number of marketing campaigns. The problem can be that as Microsoft tries to woo OEMs to make Windows Phone 7 to offer consumer choices, the company has offered too many choices from various phone makers.

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