Motorola countersues Microsoft on Xbox 360 gaming system patents

Ah, the battle lines are being drawn in the courtroom, as Motorola will not take Microsoft’s stand of suing Motorola concerning patents in the Xbox 360 console lying down. In order to hit back, Motorola decided to counter-sued, accusing Microsoft of infringing on 16 patents with the Xbox 360, Windows for servers, PCs as well as mobile devices. Here’s what Motorola has to say about the situation.

“The Motorola patents directed to PC and server software relate to Windows OS, digital video coding, e-mail technology including Exchange, Messenger, and Outlook, Windows Live instant messaging, and object-oriented software architecture. The Motorola patents directed to Windows mobile software relate to Windows Marketplace, Bing maps, and object-oriented software architecture.”

Microsoft, on the other hand, are reviewing Motorola’s filing currently, and yet remain confident in their position and will go ahead with their lawsuit against the cellphone manufacturer. Who will emerge the victor as the dust settles? We might end up with an out-of-court settlement, so stay tuned.

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