Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy always has the penchant for adventure, and most recently decided to take his latest version of his jetpack by performing a couple of loop-the-loops. Jumping out from a hot air balloon at 2,400 meters in order to impress spectators, this jetpack which is powered by a quartet of jet engines managed to kick in after stabilizing his wing while looking for the optimal angle to carry out the double loop-the-loop right in front of a balloon, followed by parachuting to the ground in Denezy, near Lake Geneva. This new version of the jetpack boasts a new wing which is smaller at just two meters across, lacking unfoldable parts as well to provide a better aerodynamic profile and more stability. Capable of hitting 200 miles per hour, it sports a flight time of ten minutes. Would be nice to see the ActionCam go with his jump!

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