NudgeMail: Email might become the best reminder of all

Thanks to modern technology, I don’t have to remember a bunch of thingssuch asweb addresses (Xmarks), meetings (Outlook), and people’s faces (Facebook). That frees brain cycles for much more important activities, like video games. However, I’ve never been able to find a good way to remind me about things. That’s mainly because most “reminders” simply take too much time to setup. I don’t want to create a calendar “event” to remind me to do something (yet, I do it), and I always end up notchecking the “todo” apps.

NudgeMail takes a different route and uses a one-two punch approach that might infuse a new level of productivity in your world. First, it lets you easily setup a reminder on every single computing platform that can sendan email. It uses a very simple syntax that is easy to remember: just send an email to “” with something in the subject+body, and Nudgemail will send you a reminder… tomorrow. You can also use all kinds of commands like “Tuesday”, “Dec25?, “3 hours”, “eod” or “snooze. These are just a few examples, check the Nudgemail commands.

Using email as a reminder system is a double-edged sword: on one hand, it’s beautifully simple, works with everything that sends emails, and if you’re like me, Emailgets more airtime than the Calendar. Creating an email reminder is also much less “work” than creating a calendar event – this is really important:do notunderestimate how lazy one can be. On the other hand, if you get a constant stream of email, the reminder might just be another “blip” on your radar. At the moment, the service is in free beta, but eventually they’ll charge for some features. There are others too: FollowUpThen and FollowUp.

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