Oakley 3D Gascan, the ultimate 3D glasses for theaters

Oakley has just released the Oakley 3D Gascan glasses. They are designed to work in 3D-enabled movie theaters that use RealD technology – that’s about 80% of the North-American market. The idea is simple: when you step into a 3D theater, they usually give you a (very) cheap pair of passive 3D glasses that have a poor fit, low peripheral vision, and definitely not build to the best optical specifications. Oakley’s 3D Gascan are built to a far superior standard, and most likely represent the best passive glasses that consumers would be able to get their hands on right now. There’s no question that when compared to standard glasses, Oakley probably wins by a mile in terms of distortion and comfort. However, this quality comes with a price: $120 (in Black or White). That’s not “pocket change”, but Oakley would also argue that you look really goofy with the theater free glasses.

PS: theaters should really provide a discount if you bring your own glasses.

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