PSP2 dev kit spotted with twin sticks trackpad, cameras

Behold, the PSP2 dev kit that you see above. We will give you a minute to figure it all out, letting the magnitude of such news sink in while you pinch yourself to make sure it is all real. Boasting forward- and rear-facing cameras, it will also feature a trackpad on the back of the unit. Bear in mind that this dev kit is far from the finished article, where certain developers are working with a kit that does look pretty close to the PSPgo, although we still won’t know what the final product would look like. While we do know it will sport an HD display, there is still no confirmation of what kind of chipset will see action just yet. Word also has it that what you see here are images of the last kit, and there is a newer out available out there which comprises of a single, non-sliding block.

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