Samsung announces 90 nanometer dual-interface smartcard IC

Samsung might be more famous for their entire range of home consumer electronics, but this time around the company has announced something that most of us would not take a second look at – the 90 nanometer dual-interface smartcard IC which is capable of supporting both contact and contact-less interface, complete with evaluation assurance level of 5+ (EAL5+) from the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. Also known as the Samsung 90nm S3CT9KW, it boasts significant advances in its integrated RF and crypto capabilities, making it the ideal choice for finance, security and identification applications. Capable of providing more than 25% higher RF sensitivity and a couple of folder faster encryption speeds in RSA and ECC algorithms, corporations can be assured of greater performance and reliability than previous dual interface smartcards. Of course, to the average man of the street, as long as it works as advertised, we’ll be more than happy to see it implemented.

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