Samsung Announcing Flexible AMOLED Displays in Japan

Samsung is said to be announcing a flexible, durable 4.5-inch WVGA resolution AMOLED display in Japan Flat Panel Display Convention next week. The panels are said to offer the same vividness and crispness as those used on the Galaxy S series smartphones, making us believe that they may possibly be a Super AMOLED panel. These displays can bend and wrap around without distortion or breaking, and could possibly open up the gates to new forms of consumer electronics devices and applications. In the past, however, flexible displays have not been received well by user focus group; an e-reader company had stated before that it had utilized a flexible e-ink display, but consumers were not confident that the display would withstand daily use so the company added a hard coating to the flexible e-ink display. Additionally, Taiwan’s ITRI also showed off a flexible color AMOLED screen recently as well.

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