SEAT project to result in more comfortable flights?

For those of you who travel by air most of the time and have never had the chance to board First or Business class, you would have been far too familiar with being uncomfortable in your Economy class seat, never mind if the airline throws you another 5 inches of legroom or so. Well, the SEAT project (Smart tEchnologies for stress free Air Travel) from Europe intends to upgrade airplane seats with senses, boasting smart responsive seats and interior environment that is able to detect physiological and psychological changes of a passenger’s condition in real-time courtesy of a multi-sensor network integration into the textile seat covers. Imagine your seat detecting that you’ve sat for longer than expected, it will summon a stewardess to provide you with special attention or even flash a message on the screen to ask you to perform some exercise. We would like to take a guess that those who do not fly Economy class do not need these…

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