This AutoBot ain't no Transformer

You know that Michael Bay’s done a terrific job in making Transformers more mainstream than ever before with two movies from the cartoon franchise over the past years, which could be why this dongle was called the AutoBot simply to garner attention at first shout. Of course, it isn’t going to be able to change its form factor in any way, as it is meant to be plugged into any vehicle that has a free OBDII port – and that supposedly qualifies most cars manufactured after 1996. On sale from next year onwards, this is the perfect gift for those who are obsessive about their vehicle’s oil level, as well as those who don’t want to exercise their memory whenever they park in a large shopping mall. Another useful function of the AutoBot would be its ability to send an SMS to programmed numbers or emergency services whenever it detects your vehicle’s airbags pop out – interesting, eh? Mavizon is hoping that the final retail price would not pass the $300 mark to make it as accessible to the masses as possible.

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