Toshiba Introduces X-gale Series SSDs For MacBook Air Form Factor Devices

Apple’s introduction of the new MacBook Air has created a demand for tiny solid-state drives (SSDs) and now Toshiba is here to fulfill that need with the introduction of its Blade X-gale drive, offering the same dimensions at just an inch wide and 0.09 inches thick. The drive offers the same performance benefits as full-size SSDs and can offer read and write speeds of up to 220MB/s and 180MB/s respectively. The Blade X-gale is available in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, which Toshiba claims is an achievement for an SSD this small. The downside is that the Blade X-gale is currently available to system builders and is targeted at pre-assembly devices. Still, if you’re looking to upgrade the SSD on your MacBook Air, you might could check out the solution from PhotoFast that we brought to your attention a while back.

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