WiFi Found to be Bad for Trees

Results from a preliminary study by DU Delft University, Wageningen University, and other institutions in the Netherlands show that WiFi radition may be harmful to trees. The study finds that WiFi radiation may cause bleeding and fissures in tree barks, and these incidents were not attributed to virus or bacteria, and that 70% of trees in urban spaces now show signs of damage compared to just 10% five years ago. The study finds that trees located nearest to WiFi radition exhibited a lead-like shine on the leaves and death of leaves’ lower and upper epidermises. Radition from WiFi is also said to inhibit growth of corn cobs, though more work needs to be done to truly isolate the cause of these symptoms to WiFi radition and not just particulate pollution in the air. For now, just be careful where you use those MiFi hotspots, as tempting as it is to work outside in a park on a nice day.

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