When it comes to receiving gifts, we sometimes get stuff that we absolutely loathe, perhaps it is due to the insensitivity or plain thick skull of the giver. Amazon might just change that, as they are on the verge of revolutionizing online gift-giving after securing a patent for a system which allows folks to return unwanted presents before they even receive them. This new procedure will enable registered Amazon users to “convert” all gifts from a specific giver, which would allow them to create a list of people whose gift choices would be screened before shipment. Of course, this will require complicated algorithms that would form a “wizard” which guides users through the process of creating rules in order to redirect purchases from a hypothetical sender. Of course, you can also take advantage of the option for sending Thank You notes – now that’s a nice touch! E-retailers might not be too happy with this since returned purchases equals to additional costs such as shipping, storage and labor. Intercepting your gift before it arrives? Neat!

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