Beautiful Bike dazzles your neighborhood

The next time you wish to make a statement of your presence as you zip down the neighborhood on your bicycle, here’s a tip. Letting your favorite song blare from a boombox isn’t exactly the best way to do so. No sir, we’ll clue you in – soft lighting is the key here. Shelby Tanner has got the idea down pat with her version of the Beautiful Bike. Aptly named, this two-wheeled mode of transportation will definitely cause your neighbors to look at least twice, blinking their eyes in disbelief in the process. Of course, it isn’t easy to build something like this and Shelby didn’t place instructions on doing so online, but you can tell that plenty of hard work and sweat has been invested in it. We don’t suppose that there is a rechargeable battery somewhere to provide the relevant amount of juice to power all those lights, and hopefully the bike’s normal dynamo will be able to generate enough power to endow you with a traveling Christmas “tree” of sorts.

Update: This is just a staged photo, but it does work marvelously especially at dusk when you look at it all lighted up. Just in case you were wondering (like we did) how the lights were powered, they were plugged into a power outlet via an extension cord. So where’s the cord, you ask? Well, it has been photoshopped out according to Shelby for added effect.

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