Best Buy To Mysteriously Stop Sales Of Droid 2 Global And Droid Pro?

This probably won’t affect your Christmas shopping too much, but insider information is going around that Best Buy is informing employees that it will no longer be selling Verizon Wireless’ Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro phones. The reason behind the whole deal wasn’t given, though some folks speculate that it could be due to a pricing dispute between the retailer and the carrier. If you happen to notice when both phones have disappeared from the retailer, let us know via the comments section.

Update: A Verizon Wireless spokesperson did mentoin that the company did not, in any way, mandated or requested Best Buy to remove the devices from its shelves. Apart from that, there is no recall of any sort going on from the hardware or software ponit of view, tweeting “DROID 2 Glob and DROID Pro are great phones. Stop by your Verizon Wireless store and try ‘em out! #droid” in the process. Well, we are still in the dark as to why Best Buy went ahead with their rather strange decision.

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