Breath sensor delivers instant cancer reportThe big C is a word that is still feared among us, as some might think of it as a death sentence despite leaps and bounds being made in the medicinal field. That doesn’t mean all research is going to stop – no sir, researchers have managed to harness nanoparticles to create a material that is sensitive enough to analyze a patient’s breath in real time, while detecting indicators of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases there and then without having you to wait for a week or so for a detailed report to be drawn up. Thanks to scientists at Purdue University and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the use of this new diagnostic breath-analysis tool has been around for some time already, but this time is the first where a material has been developed which is sensitive enough to deliver on-the-spot results. It will still take around a decade for such a tool to be used in the real world, simply because current precise manufacturing standards haven’t been developed for the new approach just yet.

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