Buoy concept is self-sufficient and can be radio-controlled

The future of sea traffic control does look pretty bright – just check out this new kind of buoy that was designed by Tae Hoon Lee and Sung Yong Kim, where it is not only self-sufficient so that you won’t need any crew to go around replacing its batteries, but it can also be radio controlled for added comvenience. After all, it is powered by EPAM, which is the undulating energy of waves. Apparently, this idea is capable of harvesting around 5w of current per second, which should be enough to drive it indefinitely. The buoys themselves intend to prevent the collision of ships at night, using their brightly lit up LED lights on top, while GPS signals attempt to make sea travel safer for everyone. All buoys can be easily tracked and controlled using RFID. Why not someone come up with a working prototype already?

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