You know the saying, if you want something done, you’ve gotta do it yourself. That is exactly the kind of advice that Jeri Rutherford, a long-distance cyclist, took, developing the Carbon Comfort Saddle since she was pursuing a comfortable bicycle seat that cannot be found on the market – at least not until her vision was materialized in the actual world. This unique saddle is unisex, supporting the sit bones of both men and women without missing a beat, distributing weight more evenly. Infused with a carbon-fiber base plate that delivers superior road-shock absorption, it will flex itself to fit the rider. Since it relies on a carbon-fiber construction, the seat remains lightweight at 14 ounces, while seat rails which allow easy installation and adjustments, not to mention a Kevlar-reinforced saddle cover as well as high-visibility reflective safety panel that will come with each $84.95 purchase. No more sore butts, how about that?

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