Clear iSpot 4G discontinued?Now this is pretty interesting – the Clear iSpot 4G hotspot that isn’t even a year old might just have been discontinued according to the grapevine. Forums do point towards it being in the forums, while touting the “news” that it will not be replenished at retail stores, so whatever stock there is out there at the moment is just that – better rush and grab some for yourself before it is too late! For those who have already picked up the Clear iSpot 4G, the company still has some stock left in their inventory to replace defective units, but it does seem pretty likely that new ones will not be sold any more. Perhaps this is because the device that offers quite a lot of potential didn’t really manage to rake in the sales figures that executives expected originally, and its rather limited compatibility for iOS devices only (that means the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) might have just affected the final outcome. If this is true, so long iSpot 4G – we hardly knew you.

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